The Simple Short-cut is to DO Interesting Online Internships – which are DEAR to the INDUSTRY. Below given are 4 such THEMES – which will CATCH ATTENTION of ALL Interviewers.

Please JUDGE for yourselves.


Innovative Internship Programs

Please see about 50 Online Internship Programs Listed in this Site. These can be extended to further 10s of Programs. WE are slowly gearing up to make 400+ Webinars followed by SAME 400+ Internships for Practice.

Our – CEO by Age 35 Program – gives a lot of inputs on Qualitative and Career Related Internships. Another Innovative Program is MATERIALS COST OPTIMIZATION. We are working with Pioneer Organizations to Device New Methodologies to REDUCE Materials Costs.

If you do FIT Lines of Internships of interest to YOUR CHOICE INDUSTRY – the INTERVIEWERS will give Attention to YOU – as YOUR INTERNSHIP may BENEFIT THEM also.

Management Inputs from Ancient Wisdom

Please check GOOGLE – using suitable Search Words – and see HOW MANY SEARCH RESULTS you receive – for Management Inputs from Bhagavad Gita, Holy Bible and Holy Quran. And EVERYONE Respects Bhagavad Gita, Holy Bible and Holy Quran.

It is also worthy to Study the Ancient Texts such as “Chanakya Niti” where the BC 400 Living “Rajguru Chanakya” has narrated HOW various Departments concerning the Country should be run. Running a Company or a Department is FAR EASIER compared to running a WHOLE COUNTRY.

If YOU are through with SUCH INTERNSHIPS – Please tell – WHO the INTERVIEWER will NOT Respect YOU or YOUR Candidature !!!!!

HOW Renowned Companies Started and became BIG !!!!!

It is good to make a STUDY of HOW – NOW Renowned Many Companies Started and got Processed and became BIG eventually !!!!!

The Choices of Companies can well be of your Professional Interest – say in – Engineering / Management / Arts / Commerce / Politics / Science / Hobbies / Sports / Music / Public Domain etc. The CHOICE is YOURS.

MANY Reputed Companies have come-through difficult goings. In ALL OF THEM, the Promoters got Proven – because – they were Judgmental, Proactive and all of them JUST Followed their Vision – Learning Lessons from Mistakes. Persistence is COMMON for all such Companies.

Same is the case with MOST Inventions and Discoveries.

NOTHING HAPPENS OVERNIGHT – as everyone knows.

Following the Path of Successful Professionals

It is good to have a ROLE MODEL to follow when Learning and Growing. The Role Model shall be of your Professional Interest – say in – Engineering / Management / Arts / Commerce / Politics / Science / Hobbies / Sports / Music / Spirituality etc. The CHOICE is YOURS.

Students need this – also Colleges – also Working Professionals – also Companies.

WE are READY to TEAM with – Colleges, Companies, Students and Professionals to further this Agenda.

WE will get equipped to conduct Series of Webinars on this WORTHY THEME.

Researchers, Scientists, Management Gurus, Artists, Sports Personalities, Politicians, Businessmen as also Ancient History Writers fall into our Study. The Study can include – Domestic and Foreign Personalities – also – Living and Diseased.


  • Colleges
  • Companies
  • Students &
  • Executives

to make a Difference by engaging in the Process of

  • Knowledge – to
  • Practice – to
  • Growth

Which can be exercised in a WIN-WIN Mode.

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