AKS INDIA – Government Registration

WE are a Government Registered Company with GST No. 32 CNBPS 9809 R 1 Z 6

Our Date of Registration is 5th June 2018

Other Submissions Please

  • Our Full Website will come in sooner future – please accommodate Sirs
  • We are initiating our new modes of working and we are trying to Deliver the Best
  • COVID and other concerns do not stop us from delivering our Commitments
  • We commit ourselves to the noble services of the Health Community – Globally
  • Ours is a Business Built on Nobility
  • We are interested to connect the Ancient – to – the Modern
  • We also try to connect the Eastern – to – the Western Practices and Ideologies
  • We prefer to stand on our footing – upholding our pledged ethics and principles
  • We are on a Long – Purposeful – and Useful Journey please
  • Our Procedure is ::: Identify – Decide – Learn – Practice – Keep Growing

Feedback Request

We give a lot of importance to your honest Feedbacks. We are always enterprising to Keep Growing. Please give your valuable Feedbacks on.

  • Your honest Feedback is valuable to us – Please comment on AKS INDIA Website

Please feel free to connecthari@aksindia.org or prabha@aksindia.org

Video and CV APP – AKS INDIA Gateway to Excellence

  • Our Webinar Programs will be conducted through our Own Video Conferencing APP
  • You can Download the APP from Amazon and Google Play Store – for FREE
  • YOU don’t have to give your personal identity to Register in our Video APP
  • Hence, Our APP is VERY SAFE for you – your personal details are SAFE thus
  • Please Download FREE – “AKS INDIA Gateway to Excellence” APP
  • Our APP can integrate thousands of CVs of our Registered Mentee Job Seekers
  • Our Efforts is to reach the uploaded CVs to 100s of Companies – month after month
  • For our FREE Webinar Programs, we absorb the Video Conferencing Server Charges
  • We also absorb the expenses in engaging Resource Persons for FREE Programs

You-tube Link

  • We will be UP with a YouTube Link soon
  • We are working with an upcoming YouTube TV Channel of Kerala to air our Programs

Please Post Your Valuable Feedback

Thank You for your kind attention Sir.