1. Your Career Planning be that – You rise to the Top of a Department – or even become – the CEO of a Growing Co. We assist you to choose the Industry Sectors that suits you the best – Department that fits you the best – as also – you shall also select your City/Country of Career and Life Settlement. It is good to do this self-analysis. Please enquire for suitable Internship themes in this agenda.
  2. Be a CEO by Age 35 – Try to become the TOP – You will achieve many Career Heights. What we have structured is a 30 Module Program – scheduled to start from December 2020. The Contents cover KNOW – PRACTICE – GROW themes. Pricing is affordable. AKS INDIA is KEEN to Partner with Educational Institutions and Industry to further this Agenda please. There are 10s of Internships that can be furthered in EACH ELEMENT in CAREER DEVELOPMENT – on Academic, Career and Innovation – as also – Qualitative / Soft-Skills Agenda. Please enquire for Details.
  3. Engage in “Daily Introspection – to Act and Grow”. The philosopher Plato asked, “…why should we not calmly and patiently review our own thoughts, and thoroughly examine and see what these appearances in us really are?”. Introspection should give inputs of oneself, his/her connections, thoughts, strengths, weaknesses, planning in the entire goings of Life – and everything connected to oneself. Introspection should be accompanied with Actions and Growth. There is sense in Planning and Programming one’s own Life – for which the first thing is knowing oneself. It is scientific (Applied Science) and will be a systematic approach for Growth.
  4. Self-Examination of “what is your own life – what it means to you – what are your purposes to live – and how are you structured in Planning your Career and Life”. This is much similar to the earlier content of Daily Introspection.
  5. Making a Good CV and Performing Well in JOB Interviews. It is a truth that most JOB aspirants are ignorant on “what to do and how to get prepared to face Interviews”. If you are prepared to face “tough JOB Interviews” – smoother Interviews will result in Success. Success will follow in tough Interviews also – if the Preparation of CV, Processing in approaching Companies and Performance in Interviews are Planned well and Executed persistently. YOU shall be good to perform in Aptitude Tests, GD, Tech. Interview and HR Interview – at the minimum.
  6. Self-Management Skills – Includes – Courtesy, Flexibility, Integrity, Positive Attitude, Responsibility, Accountability, Work Ethics etc. Optimism, Growth-orientedness, Self-Awareness, Ability to control Emotions, Self-Confidence, Stress Management Ability, Resilience, Ability to Forgive and Forget etc. are important. 5 Cardinal Principles of Peaceful co-existence is also Good to Follow – the 5 Principles being – Mutual Respect for each other’s Personality and Integrity – Mutual non-aggression – NO interference in each other’s internal beliefs and internal matters -Equality and Co-operation for Mutual Benefits – Decisive attempts for peaceful co-existence.
  7. People Management Skills – (1) Communication Skills (2) Team Working Skills (3) Interpersonal Relationship Skills (4) Presentation Skills (5) Meeting Management Skills (6) Facilitating Skills (7) Selling Skills (8) Management Skills (9) Leadership Skills (10) Mentoring and Coaching Skills (11) Abilities to Manage Superiors (12) Self Promotion Skills (13) Ability to Deal with Difficult Personalities (14) Ability to Handle Difficult Situations (15) Ability to Handle Personality and Office Politics (16) Persuasion Skills (17) Negotiating Skills and (18) Networking Skills.
  8. Choice between Employment and Entrepreneurship – One has to choose whether he/she should Grow his/her Career as an Employee or an Entrepreneur. And what all Skills and Knowledge will be required to further Employment / Entrepreneurship. What are the Start-up Support Initiatives, What are the Possibilities of getting Private Equity (and Venture Capital) Assistance – and very specifically – what are the Government Supports towards JOB attainment and Start-up Propositions. AKS INDIA wishes to extend ALL POSSIBLE SUPPORTS towards these. AKS INDIA gives a LOT OF IMPORTANCE for Innovation – Ideations – and – Execution Efforts.
  9. Transactional Analysis – this is the Best Awareness in Self-Development and People Management – TA describes how people are structured psychologically. It uses, the ego-state (Parent-Adult-Child) model, to do this. The same model helps explain how people function and express their personality in their behaviour. TA tries to explain the Interpersonal Interactive Styles – (1) I’m OK and You are OK (2) I’m OK and You are NOT OK (3) I am NOT OK but You are OK (4) Both of us are NOT OK. An understanding of these Styles makes us decide OUR modes of Interpersonal Transactions.

10s of Internships can be generated from the above 9 Themes.

For example –

  • Soft and Hard Skills – 10s of Internship Themes
  • Personal Skills – Many Themes
  • Understanding and Containment of Dangerous Emotions – Many Themes
  • Career Skills and Professionalism – Many Sub-topics fitting to different Professions
  • Personality Understanding of Self and Others – this MUST be done by one and all
  • 16 Types of Personalities – Each Type is a Theme
  • Personality Factors as explained by Raymond Cartell – another 16 or more Themes
  • Basic Requisites of a Good Personality – Many Themes
  • Employability Skills – Please judge
  • Interview Requisites (Tests, GD, Interview Performance etc.)

AKS INDIA is set with the contents and Mentoring Brief.


Some Qualitative Internship and Case-Study Themes

  • Attitude
  • Challenge Handling
  • Commitment
  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Customer Service
  • Discipline
  • Efficiency
  • Ethics
  • Experience
  • Goal Setting
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Judgment
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Managing Skills
  • Optimism
  • Persistence
  • Planning
  • Preparations
  • Re-engineering
  • Re-organizing
  • Strategy Formulations
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Training and Development
  • Trustworthiness
  • Values



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