Idea Presentation ::: Optimizing Web Search Engines for Industrial Procurement



  • Sites like “Amazon” and even the “Google” enable us to make Purchase Decisions. But the Search Results Overload that we receive “many a time” is Unmanageable, and Confusing.
  • Popular Search Engines and even E-Commerce sites are “worthy to buy Household or Personal Items”. The Information of Industrial Products and Machineries given in some sites is NOT SUFFICIENT enough to make BUY decisions.
  • To our Thoughts, there is a BIG GAP in the Industrial Procurement Area and if this idea is admissible, this GAP fills the NEED of the Industry Globally. EPC Companies will be the Best Beneficiaries – also BIG Corporate Engineering Houses.
  • This presentation is “BUYER focused” as the Industry shall be more concerned about the benefits that they receive through simplification of procedure and Standardization.

Factors to be addressed to – in Industrial Procurements

Let us consider a FULL FLEDGED Materials Take-Off of an Industrial Project (small OR big). It is worthwhile to consider the following in the process of Procurement

  • Material Full Description as is given by the Engineering Department
  • Full ITC-HS Code Number as is available
  • Quality Requirements and Standard Accreditations of the Manufacturer
  • Country OR Location of Purchase
  • Country OR Location of Manufacturing
  • Points of Contacts of the Manufacturer
  • Levels of Contacts of the Manufacturer
  • Risk Identifications – and – alternate Materials Details
  • Price, Payment Modes and Payment Schedules
  • Testimonials of the Vendor and Client History of the Manufacturer
  • Delivery Time (Just in Time is preferable)
  • Logistics and Delivery Points
  • After-Sales Services and Spare Availability
  • Warehousing Needs as is to be considered

About Search Engines Interface

  • Standardization in Search Engines and e-Commerce is the NEED of the Hour. It is a Global Necessity.
  • Standardization in Searching can and should be thought of by incorporating “Material Search Parameters” (some-mandatory fields and others-optional) as given in the above List of Procurement Influencing Factors.

Manufacturer Side

  • Manufacturers (Globally) who give their details in the internet, coupled with their respective Chambers of Commerce will welcome this move and they will REFINE their Websites incorporating the necessary Search Parameters and Details.

BENEFITS to Search Engine Companies

  • Search Engine Companies will Benefit from this and may possibly Act Immediately. They will try to GRAB the IDEA as it is HIGH and REGULAR INCOME for them. For “Search Subscription”; they can charge a FEE which will be renewable ANNUALLY. This is a Globally Receivable Phenomenal Regular Income for them.
  • And NO Professional will think against Standardization.

Internship Ideas

INTERNSHIP (Project Work) can be done even to formulate the Search Algorithm containing “Mandatory” and “Optional” Search parameters. FOR MORE DETAILS – Please Contact as below.

Please Contact – with Subject Line “Materials Search Optimization”

Mr. Hariharan S Iyer, Chartered Engineer – (+91 80500 02310)

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Ms. Prabha Menon, Professor, IES Engg College – (+91 92499 03046)

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