AKS INDIA Overview


We are into Knowledge, Practice and Growth Mentoring.

  • We are to structure 400+ Webinars – Knowledge Sessions
  • SAME 400+ Themes will be introduced as Internships
  • SAME 400+ Themes will come up as AKS INDIA Books
  • Knowledge Improvement Reference Books Suggestion will come
  • Corporate Consulting and CEO Mentoring will be rendered by AKS USA
  • Small Business Consulting will be undertaken by AKS INDIA

AKS INDIA Business is Built on Nobility

AKS INDIA was initiated as a Proprietary Company based in Kerala, India. It was Registered with the Government and was allocated a GST Number on 5th June 2018.

AKS INDIA got Born in Early 2018 with Profound Inspiration from Dr. Arthur J Murray, the President and CEO of M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., Virginia, USA. Thus, AKS USA and its Founding President and CEO – Dr. Arthur J Murray – happens to be the “Sole Reason” for the Birth of AKS INDIA.

Our Delivery Commitment – even during this pandemic times

  • We all know the difficulties that everyone and every establishment face during this COVID times. We are committed to start Delivering – even during this Global Pandemic.
  • Please appreciate – we all are working from Home Office and we have not been able to rise to expectations – in regards of presenting a full-fledged Website and Descriptions.
  • Let us also take the privilege to inform that ours is a Long Purposeful Journey.

Innovation – and – Innovation Togetherness

We give a lot of importance for Product and Process Innovation. We are Happy to be associated with Start-ups and various Innovation Oriented exercises. Please connect to us if we can collaborate.

We do consider that Genius Students are capable of generating Trend-Setting ideas and delivery methods. They usually go to the farthest extents to reach to Goals, because they are generally NOT constrained like other Working Professionals who are to keep Company and Professional principles in the very first place.

AKS INDIA – giving a Family Atmosphere for all its Members

We always stay motivated. Our ethos is that – Our Organizational Modes seemingly resemble as a second family of all our Members. We always insist and try to be a very cohesive Team.

Everyone is Happy with their respective Families. Since we cannot provide experiences of Conventional Families – we try to provide an atmosphere of a Family in our Company.

AKS INDIA Future Programs

  • Full Spectrum Special Webinars for Growth – Knowledge Empowerment
  • Full Spectrum Online Internships for Practice, Experience and for suitable Earnings
  • Full Spectrum Resources for Knowledge and Practices and Experiences
  • We are trying to connect the “East and the West” – Knowledge Sharing and Practice
  • We are also trying to connect the “Ancient and the Modern” as would be possible

AKS INDIA Services

  • Corporate and Small Business Consulting – Ongoing
  • Student / Fresher Placement and Mentoring – Ongoing
  • Job Fitness Mentoring and Career Promotion Mentoring – Ongoing
  • Mentoring on finding a Job all by Self Efforts – Ongoing
  • Engaging Interns to Help them succeed in JOB Interviews – Ongoing
  • Instituting Idea Factories in Colleges – Ongoing
  • Instituting Mentoring Clubs for Peer Mentoring – Ongoing
  • Helping Students to find and further Research Projects – Ongoing
  • Webinars – present – over 400+ themes to come
  • Internships – for Practice – fitting to 400+ Webinars
  • Books Suggestions – Book Suggestion on 12 themes
  • AKS INDIA Books – on various Modules
  • Services to – Educational Institutions
  • Services to – Industry
  • Services – for Public Good
  • Services – Internship Supports – Exports Enhancement
  • Services – Internship Supports – Innovation Togetherness

AKS INDIA Products

Mobile APP Products

Our Associate Company M/s Wireframe Animation is into Mobile APP production and we represent Wireframe in Market Supports. The below APPs are available as indicated under.

M/s Wireframe Animations is AKS INDIA Web Developer. Contact – binu@wireframe.co.in

  • Website Development – Ongoing
  • Video Conferencing and CV uploading AKS INDIA APP – to come in November 2020
  • Video Conferencing and Academic APP – to come sooner
  • Video Conferencing and Industry APP – to come by early 2021
  • Video Conferencing and Placement Companies APP – to come sooner
  • Queue Management APP – especially for Health Care needs – Ongoing

Request to Manufacturers – Our Academy to Industry Connect

We are equipping ourselves to do an ACADEMIC and INDUSTRY Connect in a purposeful manner. While the Industry will benefit in ways of Qualified HR Resources at most affordable costs and hence saving even huge fixed expenses – Interns will get experienced in matters of “Official Interactions with Top Notch Professionals” – from varied disciplines and Nationalities.

We have just initiated and we will be through with our preparatory soon.


AKS USA (Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA)


We provide change management assistance, also assist in development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement services. We bring-in our own competencies to guide the Companies to identify problems and recommend more effective or efficient ways of performing.

Dr. Art Murray

Dr. Art Murray is the President and CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., and First Fellow and Co- Director of the Enterprise of the Future program at the International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, USA. He also holds sought-after Positions in Numerous Institutions and Establishments.


Include Giant Establishments including US Air Force, US Navy, FBI, WHO, World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi Govt. and Malaysian Govt.

Consultants (Brain Trust)

AKS USA Management Consulting Associates include Polymaths of the Profession. Over 40% of them Hold a Ph. D and about 75% Hold at least a Master’s Degree. Majority of them are based in USA.

AKS Principles

  • Lead – Take a Shot – Listen – Respond – Lead Again – – – Guy Kawasaki
  • Business is an experiment and market is the laboratory
  • Innovate and learn faster than the speed of change in the market
  • Create, deliver, receive and grow extraordinary value by all means
  • Believe in abundance without limits, both in giving and receiving.
  • Technology enhances – but never replaces the personal touch




AKS INDIA is into Mentoring wherein the Knowledge Transfer is done through Many FREE and PAID Webinars and the “Action-Side” is supported with scores of Internships. We always promote “Learning by Doing” and “Earning while Learning”. AKS INDIA is also into Small Business Consulting and advises on Cost Optimizations. Our Audience is from School Students – to – Working Executives – to – Corporate CEOs – to – Academic Institutions – to – the Industry and Industry Associations. We give maximum leverage for Innovations and Scientific & Proven ways of actualizing ideas.


We have thoughts on – GURUs and CEOs, East & West Connect, Ancient & the Modern, Outlook towards Life, Life in a Company, Grow with a Mentor, 11 Systematic Steps to Succeed, and GOD is NOT a Silent Spectator.


GURUS including Godly Incarnations of Hindu Faith – also – Jesus and Prophet Mohammed – were to Help Disciples LEARN the Basics and they used to leave their disciples FREE for them to go to practice their Learning on the Ground – to face Harder Practical Issues of Life and Get Grown Slowly to create Miracles or History. They all were watchful of each and every disciple on EACH and EVERY action of theirs to correct them whenever and wherever needed. We wish to follow this Ancient PROVEN PATH.


Includes Academically and Experientially Proven – and – Socially Concerned People.


We are a Government Registered Company. All our Transactions are Legal and Transparent to concerned Authorities. We are into Mentoring and it is obvious that Mentees are connected to Mentors by us. While we take utmost care in the process, it is the responsibility of our Each Mentee to take care of their own safety, thoughts, deeds and actions. We also make it clear that NO ONE is authorized to engage in cash dealings on our behalf.

AKS INDIA – Video cum CV APP

We are going to have our own Video Conferencing APP in place. All our FREE and PAID Webinars will happen through this APP. Usage is Honorary (Free) for FREE Webinars and we absorb the Server Charges for the APP usage from our Income. This APP will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD – in Google Play Store (soon to come). Users need NOT share their Personal Details to Register to use the APP and hence, it is a VERY SAFE tool for all our users.


We are into Consulting and Mentoring Services. Our ethos is NOT into Money-Making-Machine modes. We are Socially Conscious and are concerned to Deliver the Best Services at a Price that can be afforded even by common people.


AKS Consulting


Corporate Consulting is undertaken by M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA with the Background as mentioned above. This Company with proven records can take up High End Corporate Consulting on Most Streams and Management Fields. AKS USA Clients are Giant USA Establishments.


CEO Mentoring is done by Dr. Arthur J Murray – USA who is the Founding President and CEO of M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA. For details of Clients, Consultants (Brain Trust) and History, please browse the Website.


We are getting equipped to render a Wide Spectrum of Small Business Consulting Services. Our Consulting Services are expected to be initiated from January 2021.


Price, Costs and Profits are our major concerns – when we deal in Consulting. In Manufacturing, Materials Costs happens to be the Biggest Cost Heads – followed by Support Activities Costs. The present epidemic environment forces every Company, Household and Person to be Cost Conscious. We sit with our Principals and work out ways to optimize costs – thereby attaining Maximum Profits.


We readily have Web Support Solutions and we are into advising Digital Ways of Working. We also have some unique Mobile APPs to begin with. We are also interested to represent Select Products (especially Products/Services with High Exports Potential).


Scientific/Systematic and Proven ways of working is our modes – in everything that we engage-in. We wish to Introduce Innovative ways – even miniature Innovations whose impact will be substantial in due course. We always try to connect the Ancient and Modern Wisdom and we are for synchronizing the Eastern and Western ways of Professional Working. We always wish to be identified as “Out of the Box”.

AKS INDIA Services


We always advice Students to make “Daily Introspection” a HABIT – Introspect to Act and GROW. It is a definite process in which symptoms of empowerment starts surfacing from 3 to 6 Months itself. We Mentor Students through our FREE and PAID Webinars. Since “Learning is better done by Doing”, we also propose Many Many Online Internships. Our Students Audience ranges from Schools to Degree Students to Professional Students. We are conscious to guide our Mentees in Academic and also in Soft-Skill areas.


We are yet to see the Reflection of New Education Reforms of India – it is premature to comment now. What the Curriculum does is “Theoretical Knowledge Transfer” whereas what the Industry needs is “Leadership Qualities of the incumbent” – in getting things done successfully. Practical Lessons are what the Industry looks-for – and; even “Practical Internship Programs are Name-Sake” in a Country like ours. Job-Seekers can Upload their CVs in our “AKS INDIA Video CV APP” for us to reach it to 250 Placement Companies in 6 Months and Reach the classified CVs to 250 Running Indian Companies Month-after-Month. We are onto making our Mentees JOB-FIT thus.


Our theme is “Effective Mentoring” – and Our Focus is “Practical Lessons” with a Great Touch of Humane Qualities. We always advice Colleges to start an “Idea Factory” and a “Mentoring Club”. We are interested to line-up with Colleges to conduct Structured 30 Modules of “Be a CEO by Age 35” Webinar Programs – aimed to Fresher Graduates and Young Executives.


A meaningful “Wedding between the Industry and Academics” will Prove advantageous for all parties – making it a WIN-WIN Game. Talented Interns can Help the Industry (at very minimal costs) on ever-so-many ways – making it always a “Purposeful and Cost-Effective method of connect”. Industry can work with “Select Interns” to get their needs of “Innovation and R & D” – Exports Supports – Marketing/Prospecting – so on and so forth. We always believe that the “Thinking – Strategizing – Planning – Performing – Leading” Cycle should be the “Philosophy” of every Growing Company. Innovation being an integral part in every stage above.

Be a CEO by Age 35

Our Target Audience is Fresher and Youngster Executives. We induce (in our Mentees) the thoughts of “Becoming a CEO of a Growing Company” of their chosen field of the Industry – become a CEO by Age 35. The CEOs should be an Expert in His Discipline and shall also possess at least the Working Knowledge of ALL performing Departments. Soft Skills (Qualitative Credentials) is a definite-part. Also, deep knowledge of the Impacts of Materials, Manufacturing, Manpower, Marketing, Modernization – Not Lasting with “Expertise in handling Money” on the Performance of His/Her Company. They should also possess 10 to 12 Years of Experience of handling (including facing many hardships) various portfolios. The incumbent Growth Seeker should also get used to Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting. Thus – “Targeting to Become a CEO by Age 35” is NOT a Wild Goal.


Life should go-on Peacefully and in a Continuously Growing mode. That is what everyone needs. The practice of Rightful ways of living with possession of Material Comforts and leading a Desires fulfilled Life is what we advocate. Ancient Wisdom from all Religions and Scholars is dear to us – including Spirituality. We are SBNR – Spiritual But Not Religious.


Our Mentoring of Students start with working with them to

  • Identify the Industries that they would individually choose to work-in
  • Selection of the Departments that they would pursue their Career-in
  • Selecting the City/Country of their Life settlement

We have structured a 30 Modules Program to “Be a CEO by Age 35”. One Module of the above Program is – Gaining Working Knowledge of Core Departments of Corporate Companies. We transfer Knowledge through our FREE and PAID Webinar Programs and encourage Student/Executive Interns to DO PRACTICAL ASSIGNMENTS to get used to Working modes of Industry.


Everyone is attached to their respective community or society. We should be able to Lead a Life with Respect from our Fellow-beings. Personal Excellence, Academic and Professional Competency and a tinge of concern for the Society will make us Live with Respect. Networking is very easy in today’s ways of living and we can even get connected through Social Media also. Please Judge and act.



“Learning by Doing” and “Start Earning and Saving from the time of Collaging itself” is what we always promote. We are concerned about making the Study Syllabus more and more “Work and Industry Centric” – so that the Career aspirations of the incumbents and the Industry needs get synchronized. It is all-the-way Good that – though late – our Educational Pattern is getting purposefully empowered in India now. Thanks to our Respectful Government.


Our theme is to transfer Knowledge through Special FREE and PAID Webinars – followed by – the “Action Side” which we intend to do through Online and On-the-Job Internships. We also Mentor our Audience during the full process – from Create to Process to Delivery.

Our Webinars will be Focused to

  • Personal Empowerment
  • Academically Specific Career Enhancements
  • Academic Institutions Oriented
  • Industry Focused – and
  • For Public Good.

Please see our Webinars Page and Online Internships Page.


Our competence is high-lighted in our Resources Page. It includes 10s of Articles of our USA based Chairman Dr. Arthur J Murray appearing in the “Future of the Future” column of the widely read USA Management Magazine “KM World”. Please note, the Articles cover Knowledge of Many Sectors and Practices in Industries. So are other USEFUL RESOURCES that we give in our Page – covering Academics, Online Study Options including FREE Educational Programs offered by Indian and Overseas Institutions, Latest Industry practices and the like.


All of Science is Hypothesis, Experimentation, Studies on the Results, Measuring and Standardization – Innovation being a part in all the above steps. R & D and Innovation only make us Different in Growing. We have tried to give synopsis of Innovations in this Website – classified into different Industry Sectors.


Our ways are to give you Multiple Value for Your Money. We are Socially Conscious and are concerned to Deliver the Best Services at a Price that can be afforded even by common people. Please see Details in our Payments Page. We work with Least Expenses to reduce our Costs. In order to make our Programs Most Efficient, We engage the Best Available Resource Persons – and in order to have the Least Pricing, we work on our Fixed Costs and More Precisely on our Marketing Expenses.


As is known to everyone connected to us, we are very Competent on Academic and Career Grounds. Our Service Portfolio authenticates this. But to deliver Services, MONEY is a MUST. We absorb the Monthly Payable Server Charges for our VIDEO APP – even for our FREE Programs. We are also trying our Best to Remunerate our Resource Persons who run and deliver our FREE Programs.

If you wish to support AKS INDIA, you are earnestly requested to Contribute Financially for the Deliverance of “Socially Benefitting” Programs. We would Thankfully Appreciate each one of our Respected Donors.

Philanthropy / Charity

We do our Best to Promote the Social Causes – especially related to Education and Career. Our Audience is Mainly Students. There are Very Talented Students and there are also Youth Talents in Extra-Curricular areas. We try to connect Companies, Individuals and NGOs who support Education.


  • Appreciating Rank Holders by way of Merit Certificates and Cash Awards
  • Help Talented Students from Poor Families to Pay School/College Fees and
  • We also wish to Support Eligible Incumbents for their Study-abroad Plans

While We will try to Connect the “Givers and Takers”

  • We strictly make it a Point NOT TO INVOLVE in Financial Transactions

AKS INDIA – Video and CV APP

Our Webinar Programs are to be Delivered by OUR OWN Video Conferencing APP. This APP has facilities to LOAD thousands of CVs in a classified manner. We would send the CVs of Registered JOB-SEEKING Mentees to 100s of Indian Companies (including Placement Consultants) – month after month. The APP will be ready for FREE DOWNLOAD from Google Play Store towards Early November 2020. The delay is for completing our 200+ Pages of Website Contents please.

WE absorb the Server Usage Charges of the APP even for FREE Webinar Attendees.


  • Home Office – AKS INDIA, Puthan Madhom, Enkakkad Post, Thrissur Dist., Kerala, India. Postal Zip : 680 589.
  • Network – India : We will have a Wide Network soon.
  • Network – Overseas : We will have a Respectable Network soon.

Government Registration

  • GST No. – 32 CNBPS 9809 R 1 Z 6
  • Dated – 5th June 2018. Registered in Kerala, India.

Quick Contacts


CEO – Mr. Hariharan S Iyer – Handphone (India): +91 80500 02310

Mail: hari@aksindia.org / mumbai.hariharan@gmail.com

COO – Ms. Prabha Menon – Handphone (India): +91 92499 03046

Mail: prabha@aksindia.org / ms.prabhamenon@gmail.com