Innovative Steps in Web-Searching for Materials Procurement

  • This is a thought – towards SAVING MATERIALS COSTS while making Materials Buy Decisions. The Process is an INNOVATION and is Applicable GLOBALLY !!!!!
  • The INNOVATIVE thought is to introduce “Mandatory and Optional Web-Search Parameters” while searching to find Materials Manufacturers. This process can apply-well also for Service related Searches.
  • ALL DIRECTORIES mention Search Parameters – and some have “Mandatory Parameters” – like the ITC HS CODE in FIEO Directory – Please see FIEO Exporter Search
  • Computer Science (Engineering) Students can ASSOCIATE with AKS INDIA to further the cause of making a suitable Search Algorithm. It is a WORTHY Internship – benefitting ALL Procurement Processes.
  • Other Graduate Students can interact with ALL Companies (Domestic and International) – for them to have ADDED Sales and Revenue.
  • Every Company – which are into Manufacturing – irrespective of Product Lines – extendable to Service Providers – WILL whole-heartedly WELCOME this thought and process. Because – it is their Very Survival and Sustenance Matter.

The Advantages of the above PROPOSAL

  • It will be a VERY USEFUL Indian INNOVATION – Applicable Globally.
  • Dear Colleges – It will give ULTIMATE BRAND VALUE for your College along with AKS INDIA.
  • It will make PURCHASE PROCESSES – Very DEAR to Every Procuring Company.
  • Because – it is a SUBSTANTIAL COST REDUCTION Method.
  • Our Chairman – Dr. ART SIR of USA is CAPABLE of Spreading the Message GLOBALLY. His Clients include – US Air Force, US Navy, FBI, WHO, World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi Government, Malaysian Government etc. HIS COMPANY History spans 25+ Years.
  • EVERY Government will SUPPORT – because the process is of Industry Advantage.
  • EVERY Indian and Global Industry Association will SUPPORT.
  • It is REGULAR BIG INCOME for all connected parties.
  • AKS INDIA will get the Privilege of initiating this MOST NEEDED MOVE.
  • Your Esteemed College and its Partnering Students will have the ULTIMATE Name.

If YOU want to connect to 100 Companies – the possibility is connect to 10,000 Companies or more !!!!!


Please contact

Mr. Hariharan S Iyer (Chartered Engineer) – CEO

To Associate in the Process – Please Mail: / /