AKS INDIA Indebtedness

We are basically Compilers of Available Information – Compiling Focused and Reliable Information on the Themes we try to Deliver in a Purposeful and Practically Applicable manner. So our indebtedness goes to the Very Sources and Very Authors who pronounce and practice the Delivered Information and Wisdom. We are deeply indebted to each one of the Authors and Information Sources.

We take information primarily from Google Search and various Relevant Pages of Wikipedia. Our Sincere Indebtedness is expressed here – specifically to Google and Wikipedia.

We search for Various Subject Articles and we are equally indebted to the Authors and Publishers of the Specific Articles from which we take needed Inputs.

We always wish to give Specific References to the Web Resources for the Inputs we Deliver. Please excuse us in case of “unintended missing” of the Sources and References if any happens in our Entire Process.

We are indebted to Dr. Arthur J Murray, Founding President and CEO of M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA – because of the Inspirations we received from Him for the very Starting of our Organization. We are also indebted to Dr. Arthur Murray for his readiness to hold the Position as Chairman and Chief Mentor of our Humble initiative.

We are also indebted to Smt. O V Usha for her readiness to support the Organization which she generally hesitates to do. We are indebted to her to show light to us as an Elder Sister.

We always hold “Personal Touch” in its Highest Esteem and we are equally Respectful of each and every Team Member of ours – and Present and Future Partners.

The Technical Support to us would not have been so visible without the involvement and helps of Shri. Binu Sasidharan and we are Happy that he is an Associate holding Technical Responsibility. Specifically, Internet and Web Responsibilities.

Our First and altogether Indebtedness goes to Almighty by all means. Along with Almighty, we also express our Most Sincere Gratitude and Indebtedness to Ancient to Modern Scholars and Scientists who helped and keep-helping the Humanity in its entire spectrum.

Notice to Mentees and Associates

We are a Government Registered Company. All our Transactions are Legal and Transparent to concerned Authorities. We are into Mentoring and it is obvious that Mentees are connected to Mentors by us. While we take utmost care in the process, it is the responsibility of our Each Mentee to take care of their own safety, thoughts, deeds and actions.

We also make it clear that NO ONE is authorized to engage in cash dealings on our behalf.

Earnest Appeal

As is known to everyone connected to us, we are very Competent on Academic and Career Grounds. Our Service Portfolio authenticates this. But to deliver Services, Funds is inevitable. We even absorb the Monthly Payable Server Charges for our VIDEO APP – even for our FREE Programs. We are also trying our Best to Remunerate our Resource Persons who run and deliver our FREE Programs.

If like-minded well-wishers wish to support AKS INDIA, you are earnestly requested to Contribute Financially for the Deliverance of “Socially Benefitting” Programs. We would Thankfully Appreciate each one of our Respected Donors.


Contacts: hari@aksindia.org / prabha@aksindia.org