Hariharan S Iyer – CEO – Brief Profile




  • Profession - CEO & Proprietor, AKS INDIA
  • 1. Vertical A - AKS INDIA - To Get Initiated from March 2021
    2. Vertical B - AKS Materials Bank - Development in Progress ...
    3. Vertical C - AKS Innovation Companionship - To Come ...
    4. Vertical D - AKS Industry Friendly Academics - To Come ...
    5. Vertical E - AKS Divine World - To Come ...
  • AKS INDIA is a Government Regd. Proprietorship Company
  • GST Number - 32 CNBPS 9809 R 1 Z 6 - - Dated 5th June 2018


CAREER Profile

  • M/s Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd, Times of India, Mumbai, India.
  • M/s Leo Electronic Components Pvt Ltd., Mumbai Suburbs, India.
  • M/s Royal Forwarders Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India.
  • M/s Mohammed Al Mojil Group, Saudi Arabia – a SABIC Contractor.
  • M/s Royal Preci Products (a sister-concern of M/s Royal Forwarders Pvt Ltd)
  • M/s Down Town Construction Co. WLL, Bahrain.
  • M/s Ras Gas, Qatar – through their Contractor Qatar Engineering and Construction Co.
  • M/s GHHL Group, Saudi Arabia.
  • M/s AKS INDIA – Own Company – CEO – Running since June 2018.

The Multiple Job-Changes are because – most are Projects Related and the Tenures are Projects Completion Specific.

Career Achievements

AKS INDIA – Specialty / USP (to come from March 2021)

Career Mentoring – – The Role of a GOOD MENTOR

It was a late realization for Mr. Hari – that – what is direly needed for a person who wishes to follow the path of – – – ThinkingStrategizingPlanningPerformingLeadingInnovatingKeeping Ethics – – – what is essentially needed for the Determined & Persistent ones is the Togetherness of a GOOD MENTOR.


It is TRUE that the Highest mode of Mentoring is SELF-MENTORING. Self-Mentoring starts with TRUTHFUL REGULAR INTROSPECTION followed by Persistent Actions & Amendments thereto to set and ACHIEVE TIME BOUND GOALS !!!!!

In Hari’s personal case, he lacked the togetherness of a MENTOR – in his prime age. AKS INDIA was thus born – to give PROACTIVE TOGETHERNESS to Talented Youngsters who wanted to TRY NEW THINGS – for them to Actualize their Visions – and to SUCCEED in all ambits of CAREER & LIFE.

ASTRO-SCIENCE Supports – in – Education, Career & Business

Mr. Hari would suggest taking the Help of ASTRO-WISDOM – especially in aspects of – Education, Career and Business. He has acquired a HIGH-END ASTRO SOFTWARE – which can give the Planetary (Astronomical) Calculations and Indicative Predictions totaling to about 55+ Pages.

HARI wishes to use VEDIC ASTROLOGY in a Purposeful Manner - in Education, Career & Business

While the Calculation-side can be judged to be more-or-less accurate,,, it is strictly advised to use the PREDICTIVE-SIDES – only to the extents – as a Good Driver is guided by the Traffic Signals. Mr. Hari would be HAPPY to make and share the ASTRO-CHARTS of the desirous ones – if he gets the following True Inputs.

  • Name & Gender of the Person(s)
  • Date of Birth (English Calendar)
  • Time of Birth (Please mention the Time Format correctly)
  • Place of Birth (and the Country) – this is for Local Time Calculation
  • Your Mail ID – for us to share the 55+ Pages PDF Astro-Charts.

Traditional DAKSHINA – – – This work of making & sharing the 55+ Pages ASTRO-CHARTS are done as a Social Help – rarely attempted in Conventional Mentoring. WE request you to consider the Legitimate Appropriated Expenses of (as appropriated and can be contributed by the Clients) Cost of the Extensive Astro-Software together with the Clerical Expenses – and share it through NET-BANKING. Details can be shared upon your Desire please. The Dakshina can be as per the “Ability & Desire” of the Mentee.

Mr. Hari follows SBNR - Spiritual But Not Religious.
GOD is GOODNESS  ///  GOD takes BIRTH - in disguise - as GURUS

SOME Professional / Spiritual Connections & References

  1. Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA – Dr. Arthur J Murray (Founding President & CEO)
  2. Drip Capital Inc., USA – Shri. Piyush Dabriwal (Strategy Head, Mumbai, India)
  3. SME Chamber of India, Mumbai, India – Shri. Chandrakant Salunkhe (Founding President)
  4. IIMM – Indian Institute of Materials Management, Kochi, India – Shri. Roby T A (Project Director)
  5. Bureau of Indian Standards – Founder Member of ISO – Shri. Mahesh Chilakwad (Ex-Director, Mumbai, India)
  6. Taurus Hard Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India – Shri. Antony Peter (Managing Director) – Associate Co.
  7. Science Hi-Fy, Bangalore, India – Ms. Anashwara Jayasekhar (Senior Manager) – Associate Co.
  8. Wireframe Animations, Kochi, India – Mr. Binu Sasidharan (Web Consultant) – Associate Co.
  9. Techiratz Infotech Pvt Ltd, Kochi, India – Mr. Ratheesh Raghavan (Founder & CEO)
  10. Agro Biogenics, Bangalore, India – Shri. Anand Kumar (Co-Promoter) – Associate Co.
  11. Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala, India – I am an Alumni (1987 B Tech Mech. Batch)
  12. Institution of Engineers, India – I am a Certified Chartered Engineer (India)
  13. Engineers without Borders, Hyderabad, India – I am a Life Member with EWB INDIA
  14. Royal Forwarders Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India – Shri. Kumar Iyer (Director) – Associate Company
  15. Oxypro Labs Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India – Shri. Ganesh Iyer (Director) – Associate Company
  16. Mumbai Freight Forwarders Association, Mumbai, India – Shri. C A V Mani (Ex-Office Bearer)
  17. Con 5 Con, Germany (Global Logistics Network) – Royal Forwarders Pvt Ltd is a Member
  18. Symbiosis Centre for Management & HRD, Pune, India – Shri. Aviral Bajpai (ED & Innovation Charge)
  19. Institute of Engineers, Thrissur, Kerala, India – Shri. Kamalasanan (Promoter & Ex-Defense)
  20. Minerva Academy, Thrissur, Kerala, India – Shri. Kamalasanan (Promoter)
  21. Universal Culture Trust, Trivandrum, Kerala, India – Shri. Mukundan Pandiyath (Promoter)
  22. Santhigiri Ashram, Trivandrum, Kerala, India – Swami Nava Nanma Jnana Tapaswi, Director
Contact Numbers & Mail IDs (of References) can be shared on request please.


Modern Sciences (both Pure and Applied Sciences) are rather evolved virtues from the Ancient Wisdom. Knowledge and Applied Sciences are eternal like the Supernatural Power. WE ARE KEEN to connect the MODERN with the ANCIENT. We wish to give togetherness for Research / Exploration on AGE-OLD with the LATEST.

Some Topics for Research / Internship

  1. How to be a CEO – by the Age 35. (The Target Audience is those under Age 28).
  2. Need to have a Company Philosophy – to LIVE the Ideals. (For Every Company).
  3. Be JOB-Fit & Find a JOB – all by Yourselves. (For ALL Job-Seekers).
  4. Be the Chief of a Dept. – by the Age 35. (For those who have Specific Career Goals).
  5. Be a Successful Performer by Practicing Self-Management & People Management.
  6. Spirituality in the Corporate World (For ALL Companies).
  7. Need to have an “Idea Factory” in Colleges / Companies.
  8. Need to have a “Mentoring Club” in Colleges / Companies.
  9. Need to Structure & Continuously Amend the Company “Business Model”.
  10. Need of doing “Daily Introspection” – to Act, Grow & Repeatedly Succeed in Life.
  11. Doing “Internships” – for Experience & Earnings while Learning.
  12. Be a Mentee & Mentor a Few. (Focus to “Self-Mentoring”)
  13. Specific Categories of Innovation.
  14. Innovation – Case Studies.
  15. Chanakya Niti – as applicable to – Modern Management.
  16. Holy Bhagavad Gita – as applicable to – Modern Management.
  17. Holy Bible – as applicable to – Modern Management.
  18. Holy Quran – as applicable to – Modern Management.
  19. Research Topics – in various areas – connecting – the Ancient & Modern Wisdom.
  20. Branches & Inventions being effected in various VEDIC SCIENCE AREAS.
  21. Relevance of ASTRO-SCIENCE in Day-to-Day Life Practices.
  22. Ph. D (Research) Topics – Evolution of Science/Tech. from Vedic Periods.
  23. Industrial / Household Product Manufacturing – from Agro Wastes.
  24. Pre-Fabricated Houses made from Agro Waste Products.
  25. Benefits of following a Professional Mentor (Role Model) – for Goals Achievement.

AKS INDIA Scopes – to initiate from March 2021

  • AKS INDIA – Mentoring & Consulting – to initiate from MARCH 2021
  • AKS MATERIALS BANK – Buyer Focused Materials WEB-SEARCH Platform – (in Progress …)
  • AKS INNOVATION COMPANIONSHIP – Togetherness in Innovations and Execution (3rd Portfolio)
  • AKS INDUSTRY FRIENDLY ACADEMICS – Purposefully Connecting Industry & Academics (4th Vertical)
  • AKS DIVINE WORLD – Gateway to Excellence in ALL aspects of Life (Ultimate Proposal)

WE have just started our Journey. We consider it to be long.

YOU are requested to give us due time to actualize our Goals.




  1. Dr. Arthur J Murray – USA : Designated Respectful Chairman
  2. Mr. Hariharan S Iyer – CEO and Proprietor
  3. Smt. O V Usha – Chief Mentor
  4. Smt. Prabha Menon – Designated COO


Best Regards,

Hariharan S Iyer,

Chartered Engineer – India.


Quick Contacts – – –


Mailmumbai.hariharan@gmail.com / hari@aksindia.org

Hand-Phones (India): (+91) 80500 02310 / (+91) 98950 12949.

Please PREFER to interact through G-MAIL.

Please try to avoid Voice Calls.

HOME OFFICE : Puthan Madhom, Enkakkad, Thrissur Dist., Kerala, India - Postal ZIP: 680589