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The –   “Knowing and Doing” Synchronizing on the  “Qualitative and Quantitative”   :: and ::   “Time; Efforts and Money Impacts on Productivity and Results”   – & –   Domestic and International Selling etc. of your on-going Company are the FOCUS in this Presentation. Please “attune” the themes – fitting to YOUR Organization Sirs. This be treated only as a (probable a Useful) Compilation. Please customize the contents suiting to the needs of your Personal self and/or your Company.

The Reason and Inspiration !! !!



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Dr. Art Murray is the President and CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA – and First Fellow and Co- Director of the Enterprise of the Future program at the International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, USA.

Over his 30-year teaching and consulting career, he has helped hundreds of organizations transfer knowledge from senior experts to mid-level and incoming workforces. He has personally advised government executives around the world in ministries of defense, law enforcement, higher education, public health and whole-of-government in making the transition to a knowledge-based economy. He is a member of the advisory boards of numerous international corporations and non-profit organizations in the fields of science, integrative medicine and organizational learning. He is a keynote speaker, a member of the Global Speakers Federation, an editorial board member and reviewer for scientific journals and trade publications, and writes the widely-read column “Future of the Future” which appears in KM World Magazine.

He holds a B.S.E.E. in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University (USA), and M.E.A. and Doctor of Science Degrees in Engineering Administration from The George Washington University, USA

HE INSPIRED The Team – to go with the above Mentoring & Consulting Themes !! !!

M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA – AKS Brain Trust !! !!

AKS USA – (M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA) is an American Management Consulting Company with credentials of 25+ years of History and Clients including –

CLIENTS – M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA – – AKS USA

  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • World Trade Center
  • Abu Dhabi Govt.
  • Malaysian Govt. etc.




AKS INDIA – – The Career Mentoring & Corporate Consulting Start-up

AKS INDIA beginning – AKS USA and its Founding President and CEO Dr. Arthur J Murray – is the inspiring reason for the initiation and the very starting of AKS INDIA. We started in 2018 – but consecutive Floods in Kerala in 2018 and 2019 stopped us from rendering our Services to Colleges and Schools. CONSULTING is a New Vertical and we will be UP by Later Parts of  2021.

WE are into Career Mentoring – nurturing Mentees from School Level Students to Working Executives – to further their Education and Career – for them to SETTLE WELL IN LIFE.

3 Months – Focused – JOB-FITNESS Program .. !!

WORLD-OVER there are presumably NO College NOR a University giving Graduation for Leadership. While the Colleges produce “Academically Strong People” – the – Industry Need is “Academics + Leadership Talents”.

Students OR Job-Seekers need to identify (with either/or options) minimum 3 to 5 Industries Options; 3 to 5 Departments of their Choice as also the Preferred Locations where they would settle in Life. Our meaning of GURUKUL is “Guided Self-Studying”. The VERY FURST BATCH comprising of 5 B Sc. Agriculture Have attained multiple options to work (as a multitasking) within 45 Days itself Sirs…

On the Consulting Side – WE will be into …

We are Equipped with Connections to over 5,000 Management and Industry Consultants – from almost all arena of Management & Operations (due to our Industry Association / Academic Partnership Connects) & rendering CONSULTING – FOCUSED ON RESULTS – is what we aim to render – for Greater Achievements & Continual Progress !! !!

Some of our Industry / Academic – Active Connects – even before – we are to start !! !!

WE ARE YET TO START our Journey – BUT – we are well RECEPTIVE to Listen to Your Needs !! !!

The Decision Making Management – AKS INDIA

  1. Arthur J Murray (USA) – Designated Chairman – President & CEO – AKS USA
  2. Hariharan S Iyer – Chartered Engineer – CEO & Proprietor – AKS INDIA
  3. O V Usha – Chief Mentor – Ex-Director (Publishing) of M G University, Kerala – Awards Jury
  4. Prabha Menon – Designated COO – British Council Accredited Trainer & Engineering College Professor

AKS JOURNEY – The Long-Drawn Journey Undertaken …

AKS INDIA – Career Mentoring & Business Consulting …

AKS MATERIALS BANK – – Buyer-Centric Materials WEB Platform …

  • Present Modes of Web-Search – is – SELLER SUPPORTING. Ours will be Buyer-Centric Platform.
  • Unlike now – Buyers ‘ Technical and Commercial SPECS will SURFACE in Search Criteria.




  • WORK AT HEIGHT SPIDERMAN – Rope Access Technology – 100% Safe Working at Height !! !!
  • AKS INDIA – Video Conferencing App & Smart TV Broadcasting OTT App – for Online Delivery !! !!

AKS INDUSTRY FRIENDLY ACADEMICS – – Academy-Industry Connect …

  • CAREER COMPETENCY MAPPING – Effective Short-Cut for Campus Interviews. !! !!
  • IDEA FACTORY – in – Colleges & Companies. !! !!


AKS DIVINE WORLD – – Peace and Happiness in Real Life !! !! !!

  • NEW HORIZONS – for – All Holy & Religious Abodes – Worship Plus Material Life !! !!
  • NEW HORIZONS OF SHRINES – of – God – Gurus – Almighty – Prophets !! !!
  • AKS Ancient Wisdom – to Modern Practices Connect …
  • NEWER HORIZONS – for – Doing “Ph. D” connecting Ancient Wisdom Usage as on today !! !!
  • RESEARCH ON Ancient Wisdom – Modern Practices – Natural Rhythm etc. Explored .. !! !!
  • Decision-Empowering Futuristics … ASTRO-SCIENCE Inputs (probably) be an Additional Tool !! !!
  • NEW HORIZONS OF SHRINES – of – God – Gurus – Almighty – Prophets !! !!


YOU CAN COUNT ON US – We are Proud to have a Great Patronage !! !! !!



AKS INDIA – Indebtedness – Notice – Appeal





Our Present and Future Programs…

We are on a Long Journey – Please see our HOME PAGE



AKS INDIA – Earnest & Humble Submission …

  • We are in the very initial stages – and – we would take due time to establish.
  • We are connected to Many (100s) Consultants – through our Professional Connections.
  • It shall be seen that WE DON’T CLAIM to undertake a Quick Journey !! !!

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WEB-PROFILE :: Mr. Hariharan S Iyer – Chartered Engineer – CEO

Contacts: hari@aksindia.orgsiyer@aksindia.org

G-Mails: ceo.aksindia@gmail.com  /  coo.aksindia@gmail.com

Hand-phones – India :: (+91) 80500 02310  /  (+91) 92499 03046.