Equity / Venture Partnership – – – with P/E – V/C Investor …

FUNDING of INR. 2 Crores (USD Appx. 300 Thousands) is needed for our BUYER-CENTRIC Materials Procurement WEB Platform – Please see the Draft Attached …


The Materials Procurement PAINS & The Search for a REMEDY

What we have all-around is the – Seller Centric Presentations of Availabilities …

We are trying to make the Procurement (even Household Products) – into – Buyer Centric Modes …

The effort is to provide a Platform which can specifically state the Buyer Requirements changing it from the “as is where is” mode of Procurement – to – the Buyer Focused Search – especially in Industrial Buying.

Please see the “Draft” Materials MDP – Web Platform Details – as Attached.

We would Specify some/all of the below “Search Parameters” :-

  • Material Full Description
  • ITC-HS Code Number if available
  • Standard Accreditations of the Seller
  • Country OR Location of Purchase
  • Country OR Location of Manufacturing
  • Points of Contacts of the Manufacturer
  • Price and Payment Schedules
  • User Testimonials and Seller History
  • Delivery Time (including Just in Time Option)
  • Logistics and EXIM Proceeds
  • Warehousing & After Sales Services
  • Spares Availability & Excess Materials Disposal
  • Waste / Scrap Disposal
  • Need for Consulting on Cost Optimization
  • Other Parameters that can be Searched for …..

A LOT MORE parameters are thought-of and the BUYER-SELLER Match-Making Platform would fit similar to the Gravitational Law of Sir Isaac Newton. Everybody knew that a stone will fall down when thrown upwards. But it took the initiatives from Sir Isaac Newton – to – State and Formulate a Scientific Theory – Law of Gravitation.

Similar is the case of “Buyers’ Technical and Commercial Specs” whenever he/she initiates a Purchase Enquiry.


The IDEA Generation & Furtherance

The IDEA was generated by AKS INDIA and it was shared with IIMM (Indian Institute of Materials Management, Kochi, Kerala, India) and they approved the concept – to take the IDEA through execution steps.

AKS INDIA interacted with M/s Taurus Hard Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India – and both Partners agreed to work on this – to Deliver the 1st Version in 6 Months from the time of initiation in March/April 2021.

M/s Taurus is bestowed with Pioneer Clients …

  • Indian Institute of Science
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati
  • Indian Space Research Organization
  • Raman Research Institute
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd etc.

We are trying to give the “Genuine and Explicit Needs of the Buyers” as the Search Parameters – and – Customer being the King, ALL SELLERS will have to “pay absolute attention of the Buyer Demands”. The need and utility of this Platform is “Global”.

In order that the “Full Platform Architecture is NOT Leaked” – please permit us to discuss the full-story during our meet and thereafter.


Please give us a chance to meet you to further the Discussion.



READY Reference – Please see the Attached MDP File …

  • It is Difficult for us – to give – the Full Particulars of the WEB Platform at this moment.
  • A Draft (indicative) Platform Details are expressed in the Attachment.
  • WE are moving towards a “Trend Setting Formula” – WE are ready to discuss in person please.
  • Please give an appointment to meet your esteemed Team to discuss in detail.
  • WE are envisaging to involve a “Funding P/E or a V/C Partner”. Colleges are Welcome !! !!
  • WE also have other Good Themes in the anvil – with at least 3 Innovative Proposals.

WE also have the Following Proposals – coming up !! !!

  1. Industrial and Household Products from Agro-Waste – – – ZERO RM COST Composite Materials !! !!
  2. Rope Access Technology Training – 100% Safe and Economical Work at Height Technique !! !!
  3. AKS – Career Competency Mapping – which will make the Interviewing Process – 80 to 90% Less Cumbersome !! !!
  4. Hydro-Power – High Output of Electricity from Flowing Canals and Small Rivers !! !!
  5. AKS Divine World – A Contemporarily Needed Mode – of – Getting Happiness and Satisfaction in LIFE !! !!


Best Regards !! !!

Hariharan S Iyer – Chartered Engineer, CEO – AKS INDIA,