Talented Youngsters need your Help Please …..

We are not flooded with Funds. We have started small. But we are determined to Deliver Goodness and Good Services in an appealing, purposeful and useful manner.

Our Goals, Processing and Delivery modes are ::: Know – Practice – Grow.

We request like-minded Professionals and Professional Groups such as Establishments including Academic, Industry, Industry Associations and Other Social Associations to partner with us for a Common Good. Applicable – Globally.

We are into Education and Career Empowerment fields. Our present and upcoming resources and connections enable us to Deliver – High-end Corporate Consulting, Small Business Consulting on various streams and CEO Mentoring.

We do our Best to Promote the Social Causes – especially related to Education and Career. One of our Focus Audience is Professional Students. There are Very Talented Students and there are also Youth Talents in Extra-Curricular areas.

We try to connect Companies, Individuals and NGOs who support Education – with Focus

  • Appreciating Rank Holders by way of Merit Certificates and Cash Awards
  • Help Talented Students from Poor Families to Pay School/College Fees and
  • We also wish to Support Overseas Education Financially.

We earnestly request Educational Philanthropists and NGOs, CSR Companies who devote attention to Education related Financial Assistance for the needy School and Higher Education Students. We also humbly request the above to further Education and Technology empowering Start-ups.

Our principle in Financial Transactions of Respected Philanthropists

Please note Sirs – Our work – we wish to stop at connecting the Noble Givers and Humble Takers. We are determined NOT to involve in Financial Transactions. We wish – the transactions be between the Givers and Takers Directly.

Please feel free to connect: hari@aksindia.org / prabha@aksindia.org