AKS USA – Consulting Services


We always consider the 5 Steps in all our Services

  • Create
  • Process
  • Deliver
  • Keep Innovating
  • Keep Ethics and Principles

AKS INDIA – Consulting Streams

  1. Consulting of High- End Corporate Houses from USA Consulting Company
  2. JV (Joint Venture) Consulting – the Manufacturing/Services Support from India
  3. CEO Mentoring – to be Delivered by Dr. Arthur J Murray – USA
  4. Small Business Consulting
  5. Business Model Preparation – to – Execution Consulting
  6. Government Supports – Supports from Hon. Indian Government
  7. Digital Solutions Consulting
  8. Cost Optimization Consulting – for Increased Profits
  9. Togetherness for Innovations

AKS USA – Corporate Consulting and CEO Mentoring

High End Corporate Consulting and CEO Mentoring is done by Dr. Arthur J Murray, USA – Founding President and CEO of “M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., USA”. This Renowned Management and Knowledge Management Consulting Company is in Service for over 25 Years. Internally, we know the above Company as AKS-USA.

AKS USA Services – Overview

We provide change management assistance, also assist in development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement services. We bring-in our own competencies to guide the Companies to identify problems and recommend more effective or efficient ways of performing.

Dr. Art Murray (USA) – CEO – Profile

Dr. Art Murray is the President and CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., and First Fellow and Co- Director of the Enterprise of the Future program at the International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, USA. He also holds sought-after Positions in Numerous Institutions and Establishments.

AKS USA – Clients

Include Giant Establishments including

  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • World Trade Centre
  • Abu Dhabi Govt. and
  • Malaysian Govt. etc.

Consultants (Brain Trust)

AKS USA Management Consulting Associates include Polymaths of the Profession. Over 40% of them Hold a Ph. D and about 75% Hold at least a Master’s Degree. Majority of them are based in USA.

AKS Principles

  • Lead – Take a Shot – Listen – Respond – Lead Again – – – Guy Kawasaki
  • Business is an experiment and market is the laboratory
  • Innovate and learn faster than the speed of change in the market
  • Create, deliver, receive and grow extraordinary value by all means
  • Believe in abundance without limits, both in giving and receiving.
  • Technology enhances – but never replaces the personal touch

Pricing for AKS USA Consulting

Please Note the GIANT Establishments that take Help from Dr. Arthur J Murray, USA and His Company AKS-USA – including

  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI – USA)
  • WHO
  • World Trade Centre
  • Abu Dhabi Government
  • Malaysian Government etc.

They offer Fitting Fees as is obvious.

AKS USA Knows that USA FEES is generally NOT Affordable to Indian Environments. What matters to AKS TEAM is “Being a Helping Hand in Deliverance of Repeated Successes”.


Please Enquire : amurray@aksciences.com / hari@aksindia.org