AKS INDIA is a Business Built on Nobility

We are into Knowledge, Practice and Growth Mentoring.

  • We are to structure 400+ Webinars – Knowledge Sessions
  • SAME 400+ Themes will be introduced as Internships
  • SAME 400+ Themes will come up as AKS INDIA Books
  • Knowledge Improvement Reference Books Suggestion will come
  • Corporate Consulting and CEO Mentoring will be rendered by AKS USA
  • Small Business Consulting will be undertaken by AKS INDIA

AKS INDIA Business is Built on Nobility


AKS INDIA was initiated as a Proprietary Company based in Kerala, India. It was Registered with the Government and was allocated a GST Number on 5th June 2018.

AKS INDIA got Born in Early 2018 with Profound Inspiration from Dr. Arthur J Murray, the President and CEO of M/s Applied Knowledge Sciences Inc., Virginia, USA. Thus, AKS USA and its Founding President and CEO – Dr. Arthur J Murray – happens to be the “Sole Reason” for the Birth of AKS INDIA.

Our Delivery Commitment – even during this pandemic times

We all know the difficulties that everyone and every establishment face during this COVID times. We are committed to start Delivering – even during this Global Pandemic.

Please appreciate – we all are working from Home Office and we have not been able to rise to expectations – in regards of presenting a full-fledged Website and Descriptions.

Let us also take the privilege to inform that ours is a Long Purposeful Journey.

Innovation – and – Innovation Togetherness

We give a lot of importance for Product and Process Innovation. We are Happy to be associated with Start-ups and various Innovation Oriented exercises. Please connect to us if we can collaborate.

We do consider that Genius Students are capable of generating trend-setting ideas and delivery methods. They usually go to the farthest extents to reach to Goals, because they are generally NOT constrained like other Working Professionals who are to keep Company and Professional principles in the very first place.

AKS INDIA – giving a Family Atmosphere for all its Members

We always stay motivated. Our ethos is that – Our Organizational Modes seemingly resemble as a second family of all our Members. We always insist and try to be a very cohesive Team.

Everyone is Happy with their respective Families. Since we cannot provide experiences of Conventional Families – we try to provide an atmosphere of a Family in our Company.

AKS INDIA Future Programs

  • Full Spectrum Special Webinars for Growth – Knowledge Empowerment
  • Full Spectrum Online Internships for Practice, Experience and for suitable Earnings
  • Full Spectrum Resources for Knowledge and Practices and Experiences
  • We are trying to connect the “East and the West” – Knowledge Sharing and Practice
  • We are also trying to connect the “Ancient and the Modern” as would be possible

Please feel free to connect

hari@aksindia.org / prabha@aksindia.org