ASTRO-SCIENCE – a Good Tool to have a Guided Life



ASTRO-SCIENCE – Vedic Astrology use in Education & Career !!

SCIENTIFIC INPUTS of the Vedic Science of ASTROLOGY can be a Good Signaling Tool. We would wish to call it as Astro-Science as our interest is to take ONLY the USEFUL and SCIENTIFIC inputs from that Age-Old Wisdom. Our CEO has tried to know about “Naadi-Jyotidam (Nadi Astrology)” – the deeper aspects – about 25 Years ago – all the way going to its Most Respected Practice Place “Vaitheeswaran Koil” in Tamil Nadu.

Please see the below truthful inputs

Astrology nowadays – is practiced by many as a Business. The Science is forgotten – and – only the rituals are advised and practiced.

MANY TOP PEOPLE TRUST this Vedic Wisdom – and – there are Good Astro-Practitioners in most parts of our Country.

AKS INDIA CEO is connected to the ISO Accredited Government Approved Vedic Astrology CollegeHe is a P G Diploma Astrology Student. This College also runs Ph. D (Doctoral Programs) in Astrology, Palmistry and even on Tarots, Vastu and Numerology also.

We do possess an Extensive Astro Software which gives about 55 to 60 Pages observations on every person. Predictions involve Intuition, Devotion, God’s Grace and such elements – and hence (while the Calculations will be nearly 100% perfect) – the Prediction side should be done by a Good Astro Scientist (preferably – a proven and considerate Astrologer).

The above Costly Horoscope Making Software is purchased to GUIDE our DESIROUS Student and Youngster Mentees and their Guardians – on their Lines and Prospects of Education and Career. Same process can be used for Running a Business OR even a Country. MANY Political Leaders and Corporate Chieftains follow Astro-Observations as we all know.

We can help those who desire and DESERVE to have their Vast Inputs of about 60 Pages of Astro-Observations.

Please enquire through the Mails –  /  – to make Astro-Charts – (can share the PDF File Charts through eMails) – giving the following input information to make the ASTRO-CHARTS (Horoscope / Kundli / Jataka).

Please Share the below Info

  1. Name of the Person – Please also give Contact Particulars.
  2. Gender – Male or Female.
  3. Date of Birth in English Calendar.
  4. Time of Birth (Standard Time of the Country – Please Specify the Country)
  5. Place of Birth (to calculate the Nearest Local Time)

PLEASE GIVE US some time to share the Horoscopes.

The Vedic Astrology based Horoscopes – will be a Great Resource.


  • It is our CONSIDERED ADVICE that ASTRO-SCIENCE be used ONLY IN A WAY – How a Good Driver looks at Traffic Signals.
  • WE can Help People by serving them with their about 55 to 60 Pages Astro Observations by taking their Computerized Horoscopes.
  • Our Charges will be Indian Rs. 1,000 (Rupees One Thousand Only) for taking and sending Your Vedic Horoscope in PDF (South Indian Version) – which is our Expenses appropriating the Software Cost and Minimal Staff Charges.
  • The Accuracy of the Astro-Observations are seen to be good to practically acceptable levels.
  • Since the Predictions involve God’s Grace, Intuition and Prayer modes of the Astro-Practitioner, please DON’T CONSIDER the Computer Generated Predictions as final.
  • The accuracy of the Chart is purely dependent on (1) the Date of Birth (2) Time of Birth (3) Place of Birth. So please take care to give Accurate Information.

PRAYERS DO HAVE the correcting effects of even Planetary Influences. This aspect is conveniently forgotten when we think of going for Astro-Advices. Please give importance to Prayers.


Forthcoming Special Webinars (towards mid-2021)

  • Bhagavad Gita for Corporate Chieftains
  • Holy Bible for Corporate Managers
  • Holy Quran for Corporate Managers
  • We are also compiling wisdom of the BEST RAJGURU Chanakya.


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