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Good Day and Greetings from AKS INDIA.

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This comes with a Support Offer and the Information for You to know us. Please read through.

Our Ancient Wisdom Support

AKS INDIA has acquired a Good Astro Software of ASTRO-VISION. This is taken as an input towards using the Ancient Practical Vedic Science Wisdom for us to purposefully use in Education and Career Mentoring. It is applicable for Industry in general also.

AKS INDIA modes also include – taking Ancient Wisdom to work in today’s Digital World.

Knowledge Savvy Professionals – even from other Respected Religious Faiths – shall see the utility aspects of the Age-Old Wisdom and it be construed that – IF IT WORKS,,, it should be GOOD.

AKS INDIA – Astro-Science FOCUS

We intend to use the Ancient Wisdom – as would be suiting and Helpful (as a Guide) – generally in areas of

  • Education
  • Career
  • Business
  • Trouble-Shooting
  • Business Expansion
  • Business Succession etc.


The Astro-Charts (Horoscopes) generated by this Software (extending to elaborate and near-to-fully-accurate 35+ Pages of Calculations – followed by around 20 Pages of Predictions and more) is a Worthy Resource for Believers of Astro-Wisdom.

While the Calculations would be near to accurate levels, it is to be mentioned that the usage of ASTRO-SCIENCE Wisdom for Predictive Sides are Greatly influenced by the Worship Practices of the Astrologer, the Intuitive Aspects, God’s Grace and the Luck factor. YOU are hence advised NOT to give full thrust on the Predictions given by the Computer Horoscopes.

This effort is Organized by AKS INDIA – and the Contact is Mr. Hariharan S Iyer, Chartered Engineer, CEO – AKS INDIA.

Please prefer to interact through a Mail: He may also be contacted through Handphone (Whattsapp) +91 80500 02310 – after 1 PM Indian Time.

Please give the Mail Subject Line asMake and Share Astro-Charts.

Input Information Needed – to make your Astro-Chart

  • Name of the Person whose Detailed Horoscope (55+ Pages) is to be shared
  • Gender – Male / Female
  • Date of Birth (English Calendar)
  • Time of Birth (Standard Time)
  • Place of Birth (Please also State Country – if outside India)
  • Please also give the Contact Person Mail ID and Mobile (Whattsapp) Number.

FEES for taking and sharing the PDF Files of 55+ Pages Computerized Astro-Charts shall be as you would decide please. Our Investment is the Software and the Office Costs. Payments shall be through HDFC Bank Net-Transfer. Bank Details can be shared.


Please allow us to introduce our themes and modes of working.

Only the Home Page of AKS INDIA Website is made now. Please give us some time to finish the around 200 Web-Pages soon.

WE are also gearing-up to engage with Proactive Educational Institutions and Industry Associations to conduct our FIRST PROGRAMBe a CEO by Age 35 (intended for Freshers and Youngster Executives).

The Mentoring for this Program will run for a time of nearly 1 Year ( after attending our 30 Structured Modules). The Mentoring Charges (Annual Fee) is Rs. 5,000 (Inclusive of 18% GST and 1% Govt. Cess).

Our Modes are ALL Payments ONLY through Banking Transactions – please note and oblige.

Resource Person – Ms. Prabha Menon


Mr. Hariharan – – Some Professional Patronage


Earnest Request – A Proactive Take & Give !! !!

We are keen to Associate with Enterprising Partners to further our Youth Mentoring Program and WE DO HAVE Present and Upcoming Options.

We are at the very beginning only please. Please see if we can Jointly Conduct the 30 Module Program (to be initiated with an Intro Session) – Be a CEO by Age 35.

WE SEEK DELIVERY PARTNERSHIP – with – Colleges / HR Consultants / Industry / Associations.

The Program Details (Structure and Contents of 30 Modules) can be discussed in person.


Personal References of Mr. Hariharan

Please see – AKS INDIA Contacts and Some Personal References


Quick Contacts :

Mr. Hariharan S Iyer (Chartered Engineer) – – CEO – AKS INDIA.

Mail:  /

Handphone (India) :  (+91) 80500 02310  /  (+91) 92499 03046 

Please Connect through G-MAIL …..