Diploma in Sector-Specific Leadership

3 Months 9AM to 5PM Program – – Course Content Details


Personality SWOTs – 50 Nos. of Personality attributes Listed.

  • Habituating Personal Strengths that would help in actualizing Goals and Missions.


Professionalism SWOTs – 50 Nos. of Professionalism Enhancing attributes Listed.

  • Habituating Professional Competence that would help in actualizing Goals and Missions.


Emotions SWOTs – 50 Nos. of Emotions Listed.

  • We DO HAVE Emotions and Containing Dangerous Emotions becomes the KEY in our Living.


Personality Factors – by – Raymond Cattell (16 Personality Factors)

Abstractedness Emotional Stability Private-ness Sensitivity
Apprehension Lively Nature Reasoning Habits Tension – Habitual Trait
Boldness in Behaviour Openness to Change Rule Consciousness Vigilance Nature
Dominance Perfectionism Self-Reliance Warmth


Personality Types – Modern Studies (16 Personality Types)

Champion – (ENFP) Craftsman – (ISTP) Inspector – (ISTJ) Provider – (ESFJ)
Commander – (ENTJ) Doer – (ESTP) Mastermind – (INTJ) Supervisor – (ESTJ)
Composer – (ISFP) Giver – (ENFJ) Nurturer – (ISFJ) Thinker – (INTP)
Counsellor – (INFJ) Idealist – (INFP) Performer – (ESFP) Visionary – (ENTP)


Ancient Indian Vedic – (Astro-Science) – Concepts on Personality

  • Vedic Astro-Science Charts divide the Personal Characteristics into 12 Groups (called Zodiac Signs) – each sign representing – some specific characteristics. Since the calculations depend on :: 12 Zodiac Signs :: Categorized Divisions of Signs :: 10+ Planetary Influences :: Time Division / Longevity upto 120 Years of our Living :: Planetary Transits :: Strengths of Planets to exert influences :: Influences of Galaxial Star Groups etc. :: is to be seen simultaneously – the Results Predictions are cumbersome.


Managing SELF and Managing the PEOPLE Around

SKILLS for Managing-Self   PEOPLE Management – Skills
Accountability Integrity & Ethics Communication Meeting Management
Courtesy & Etiquettes Perseverance Facilitation Skills Mentoring & Training
Emotions Control Persistence Influencing Skills Negotiating Skills
Flexibility & Care Positivity & Helping Interpersonal Skills Networking Skills
Forgetfulness Resilience Leadership Abilities Presentation Skills
Forgiveness Responsibility Managing People Self-Promoting Skills
Goals & Time Focus Self-Awareness Managing Politics Selling Skills
Growth Orientation Self-Confidence Managing Superiors Team Working Skills
Happy-go-Lucky Stress Management Managing Work Troubleshooting Skills



Popular Proverbs to Remember

  • Olden Wisdom prevails always – they are – Doctrines of “Institute of Experiences & Understanding”.


The KING and the QUALITIES of a King

  • While in death-bed, Elderly “Bheeshma Pitaamah” advices the 35 Qualities that every King shall possess. The same List is reproduced here – in the belief that – running a Country (Diplomacy and Raajya-Tantra) is far more difficult – compared to – running Enterprises, Establishments & Companies.


Ancient Indian Ways of Living – Western Outlook (Bhartiya Sanskriti)

  • Indian Culture (Heritage) is worth a praise – one of the oldest civilizations. We give 50 Links of Terms related to Olden Heritages of Indians (Hindus) as is given in Wikipedia (Westernian) Pages. It shows the mirror of “What we were – and – How we are NOW”.






Job-Seeker Supports Section


Selection of Industry Sectors, Departments & Cities / Countries of Life Settlement.

  • Students will be given 30 Choices Each of :: Industry Sectors :: Departments :: Cities/Countries :: where they would settle in Life. This would be the very first step in everyone’s Career Planning.

35 Nos. – Export Promotion Organizations of Govt. of India

  • We wish to Train our Mentees – themselves being capable of selling their Products in Overseas Markets. This will make their goings in Life; Easy (in whatever they engage in) – AS – selling oneself in a difficult market is a “tough-training” that makes the incumbents “stay-stern” in Domestic Situations.
  • Incumbents will be connected to Exporting Companies of their Choice Products and/or Services and they would work for such Connected Companies. In the 6 Months Diploma Program – roughly, 4 Months will be such working. Getting connected to Companies is a way for JOB-ACTUALIZATION.
  • Getting chances to interact with Senior Decision Making Managers belonging to Different Culture and from Different Countries will be the BEST of BENEFITS that each such incumbent would benefit from.

Interview Supporting – 21 Nos. – Online Internships

  • It is GOOD that Interview Attending Mentees CARRY couple of INDUSTRY FRIENDLY REPORTS (preferably Internship Reports). A LIST OF SUCH 21 INTERNSHIP Titles are given in our Procedures. Please enquire for Details. The Interview Titles and essence are SPECIAL and Industry Oriented.

Quick Look at the :: Academics – Careers – Industry Sectors :: Listing 30 Each

  • It is VERY SCARY that a Student who has abilities in Accounting joins a Hotel Management Course. Or a Student who has attitudes towards Engineering – due to family pressures, gets into the MBBS Disciplines. Unfortunately, this is today’s situation. WE would TRY to do the BEST in this regard.

Be Job-Fit and FIND a JOB – all by yourselves

  • Can we comment on the JOB-FITNESS of our “Freshers”??? – – – IS IT NOT ALARMING that a 21 Year Old Graduate finds it difficult to find a JOB – all by him/herself … ??? – – – WE TRY to find fitting solutions.

Face to Face HR Interview – Sample Questions – to Prepare

  • HR Interview (general) Questions are more or less similar. WE try to have readily prepared answers.


Macro-awareness :: Being a Jack of Many Trades .. !!!


Summary of 50 Business Terms

Accounting Entrepreneurship Manufacturing Profit, Price & Cost
Administration Finance Management Quality Control
Business Ethics Foreign Trade Marketing & Sales Standards
Business Model Innovation and R & D Materials Management Vendor Management
Company Law Leadership Procurement MANY MORE ….. !!!!!


List of Various Departments – to become the CHIEF of a Choice Department

  • List of about 40+ Departments will be Listed & Guidance given about the overall working of the Dept.


Be a CEO by the Age 35 (for youngsters)

  • Title itself says it all.


Be a BUSINESSMAN by the Age 35 (for youngsters)

  • Title itself says it all.


Essential Elements of a Business / Business Model

  • Elements such as :: Stake-holders :: Products & Services Handled :: Funding :: Infrastructure Available :: Awareness about the Global Scenario of the Business :: Marketing & Branding :: Costing & Cost Reductions Possible :: Innovation and R & D possibilities :: Team & Team Management :: Revenue and ROI for all Stake Holders :: Charity & CSR :: Sustenance & Growth Thoughts etc. will be discussed.


Mission and Vision Statements

  • Company Mission & Vision will be discussed here. Mission & Vision can be widely varying.


Talent / Human Capital

  • Human Resources of the Company. Present Time warrants Affiliate Staffing.


Business Model / Business Pitch / DPR (Detailed Project Report)

  • Title itself says it all.


Cost / Price / Profits

  • Cost Management (Reduction Techniques) :: Pricing Strategy :: and :: Profit Definitions are Important.


Team Working & Stakeholders’ Satisfaction

  • Title itself says it all.



  • Awareness is for Knowledge – Understanding – Observation – Judgements – Decision Making Skills etc.


Macro and Micro Knowledge

  • View the SKY firstly – and – look at individual STARS later. Macro Awareness gives the Overall Scenario and Micro Analysis gives the Specific Details of what we are looking into.


Customer / Market

  • Customer is the ONLY KING and Market is the Kingdom.


Goals – and – S.. M.. A.. R.. T.. Goals ::

  • SMART Goals are – Goals being :: Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Time-bound…… GOALS are to be Specific and Time-bound according to this, with Measures.


SIX Honest Serving Men who taught me (Rudyard Kipling) all that I know now …

  • The – – WHATs – WHYs – WHEREs – WHENs – WHOs – HOWs teach us everything in everything.


Failures and Change Management

  • It is GOOD to know the “Troublesome Sides” of what we are venturing into – it being FAILURES. How do we change “Failures into Further Successes” – employing – Change Management and Re-Engineering.


Production and Manufacturing

  • Principles of Productions and Manufacturing is Dealt here.


Materials Management

  • Roughly; 50 to 70% of Cost of Manufacturing of Most Products goes to the Materials Account. Direct and Indirect Materials Account. Quality matters in the entirety of Supply-Chain. Materials Management is Dealt at Length – from MTO List Preparation (Materials Take-Off List) to Scraps Disposal.


Supply Chain Management

  • Door to Door – OR – End to End Concepts work here. Details will be discussed at length.


Exports & Foreign Trade

  • Indian Competency is Technical Knowhow & Exports and Foreign Trades stand a GREAT (ever-growing) chance for India. The Exports proceeds benefits India and the Exporters – in multiple manners. Our Competency is an IN-HOUSE (International Award Winning) Freight Forwarding Logistic Partner who can handle ALL Customs Formalities and EXECUTE End to End Materials Exports and In-Land Dealings. Our MENTEES can easily START EXPORTS and become Merchant Exporters – in a span of 2 to 3 Years.


Money Management & Funding Supports

  • Thrust will be given for CASH-FLOW Management. Principles like Accounting & Banking will be looked into. WE have DETAILS of over 5,000 PE and VC Investors & that would benefit START-UPs.





Marketing and Tangible Sales

  • Tangible Sales and After-Sales proceeds is the ultimate concern of this section. Unless SALES is MADE and Revenues received – nothing works. HERE – Data Collection :: Prospecting :: Marketing :: Tangible Sales :: Branding :: Loyalty Building :: Market-Share Capturing :: Global Selling etc. comes.


Engineering & Technology

  • Basics of Engineering & its Applications & Branches & Deliverables will be discussed here.



  • Basics of Management & its Applications & Branches & Deliverables will be discussed here.


Strategies and Strategic Management

  • Basics of Strategizing & its Applications & Modalities & Benefits will be discussed here.


Leadership & Entrepreneurship

  • Basics of Productivity & Leadership & Entrepreneurial Skills will be discussed here.


Digital Marketing & Social Media Presence

  • Digital Marketing; Web Technology and Social Media Marketing is the order of the day. Comparatively economical too.


Standards Adherence & Standards Accreditation

  • The Managers of the Company shall be very conscious about Standards & Standards Accreditation.


Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • Once the Standards are set – QA/QC practiced by and within the Company is important.



  • Do what you Say : – : and : – : Document what you Do.


Revenue & Revenue Model

  • Revenue defines the INCOME Sides of the Company. Revenue Model is a Systematic Approach in finding the Direct and Additional Routes of Income that would be attained by the Company.


ROI towards ALL Stake-Holders

  • There are investments from one and all Stake Holders & it needs to be compensated with. ROI is Return on Investment for ONE and ALL Stake-Holders of the Company – from within and outside the Company.


Innovation and Research & Development

  • As our Designated Chairman Sir (Dr. Arthur J Murray – USA) once said – – once the going gets set – – what matters is – Marketing and Innovation. Incremental Innovation also becomes the Key mostly.




  • Business Ethics and Habitual Professional Behaviour is very important for Every Company. Where do we keep a Man – and – What responsibility be given to a man – who proves to be – Un-Trustworthy???


Charity & CSR

  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Charity – – Our Share towards the Society.


Job-searching tips :: Typical HR Interview Questions .. !!!


TIPS for Job-Seekers   Typical HR Interview Questions
·         Make a Good Mail ID and Mail Signature

·         Prepare a CV – Using our CV App

·         Register with 10s of Job-sites

·         Register with 100s of HR Consultants

·         Send CV to 100s of Cos of Your Interest

·         Prepare for Aptitude Test

·         Prepare for Group Discussions

·         Prepare for Tech. / Subject Interview

·         Prepare for HR Interview

·         Make use of your Connections

·         Have a Good LinkedIn Page


·         Have Spoken English Proficiency

·         Be AWARE of what is being discussed

·         Follow Interview Etiquette

·         Be Presentable & Be Sensible

·         Opening Question – Tell us about yourself

·         Why did you Choose this Company & Job

·         What about your Strengths

·         Give few of your weaknesses

·         What makes you FIT for this JOB

·         Describe a Difficult situation which you overcame

·         What areas makes you work hard

·         What ideals motivates you

·         What made you select this job – specifically

·         Give an experience in Life where you excelled

·         How do you handle Stress / Pressure

·         What are your 1 – 3 – 5 years Career Goals

·         What areas stimulates you to Perform well

·         What do you know our Co – and – Our Businesses

·         Ending Question – Do you have any questions

·         Please KNOW and Prepare for STRESS INTERVIEW


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